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Organists' Corner: Lessons



Is the expression to your right similar to the one you felt when the pastor or minister of music asked you to learn how to play the organ?

Or, maybe the old organ you played for years, with just a few buttons and tabs has been replaced by one of those new-fangled computer organs.

There are so many new pistons, tabs and buttons, you don't know where to begin!

Do not be embarrassed!

Allen Organ Studio Augusta is committed to making your new or old Allen Organ, your friend.

Contact Brad Cunningham and ask about available special consultations or organ lessons. Brad can customize one-on-one time with you, or your music ministry team, at your location. The model or year of your Allen Organ does not matter.

A few of the things we can talk about:

• What do the names of these stops mean?
• How do I use these punch cards?
• What does this Alterable button do?
• What is a melody coupler?
• Creating new solo voices using different stops
• Why don't these knobs work?
• How do I use the pedals every once in a while?
• My minister of music wants me to hook up a MIDI - What's that?
• How do I make this thing play by itself?


Don’t be bashful! We can help you.

Expression of fear!

You want me to do what?

Organ lessons

Let's talk about lessons

Organ lessons - baby

See... Even I can do this!
The Allen Organ folks in Augusta
were really helpful!!

Enhance your existing
pipe organ with
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