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Allen theatre organs are widely acclaimed for their accuracy in reproducing the authentic sound of the theatre pipe organ. These organs start with the finest theatre pipe organ samples, including the attack, steady state and decay. When combined with authentic digitally sampled theatre organ tremulants, this creates a magnificent ensemble that is unmatched.

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10 theatre ranks - 17 classic ranks


12 theatre ranks - 17 classic ranks

Quantum™ Theatre Q217T

13 theatre ranks - 17 classical ranks

4 tuned percussions plus Traps



Quantum™ Theatre Q317T

15 theatre ranks - 17 classical ranks

5 tuned percussions plus Traps

Quantum™ T323Q-SP

21 theatre ranks - 21 classical ranks

Renaissance™ Unit Orchestra Organ



Walt Strony Signature Quantum™ STR-4

32 theatre ranks - 49 classical ranks

8 tuned percussions plus Traps

and Sound Effects

Quantum Theatre TO-5Q

Five-manual Unit Orchestra Theatre Organ

Enhance your existing
pipe organ with
Allen digital samples

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